Everything starts with a potential customer, having a multitude of possibilities in today´s retail environment. Everyone standing on a busy street or in a shopping centre in any city in the world and sees the possibilities for the consumers to satisfy their needs easily realizes that it takes a very unique idea in order to succeed, and constant alterations in order to stay vital and successful.

MORM works with the idea that every customer chooses his or hers preferred store at any moment, based upon a couple of simple questions: What is being offered, who is offering it, how it is being offered and where it is offered? The questions constitute the possibilities and borders of influencing the consumer. Together, these questions make up the commercial palette, which also describes the areas of MORMs expertise.

In retail, you get feedback every day, as soon as you unlock the front door and customers enter, or choose not to.  With more alternatives for the consumer it is harder to retail the power of attraction. In an open market everybody has the possibility to create growth, given that you have the energy to move where consumers prefer to spend their money right now. Sometimes that means that one have to abandon old business models and outdated competitive advantages and develop new ones. On other occasions an update is all it takes. Development is always possible for everyone who dare to open the door and let it in, and then handle the consequences. Because development implicates questioning, changed ways of operating the business and other ways to meet the market.