Friday, May 7, 2010

Crossing channels

"We're seeing a lot of customers holding up cell phones to associates and saying 'beat that price,'" said Colin Hynes, director of usability at Staples Inc. to "Price transparency is what its all about now—and that's scary for the retailer."

Once upon a time customers did their research at the store, then they googled before they left home and now they comparing prices while in the store.

This makes one think on two things. First, how will the price transparency on the web affect the need for premium providers (ie non-discount stores) to visualize the "premium" in their offer. There will be no time for talking to every customer at the store.

Secondly, how can you benefit from the mobiliziation of retail by using apps for instance? Target´s bar code search app makes it possible to search for products and direct the customer to the exact aisle in the nearest Target to find the product you searched. Is it time to define a mobile strategy?o