Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to School Shopping, Mother Knows Best

It´s time for back to school shopping. Fashion and style have long been a key way in which young people define and display their sense of self. The “youth uniform” may be the same as it was de- cades ago — t-shirt and jeans are still their favorite fashion items — but Millennials are putting their stamp on the fashion world in their own way.

Teens and college age men spend more per shopping trip than young women ($94 vs. $81)? That's because guys want to get in and out of stores fast, and avoid shopping for awhile. Women enjoy the process, shop more often and spend more monthly ($137 vs. $99) than the guys.

White students spend the least on fashion ($81.41 per trip), Black ($91.51) and Hispanic ($98.20) students spend the most per trip, while Asians spend the most per month ($140.97).

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