Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sample Lab - try before you buy

Sample Lab, one of the original retailers taking up the trend of providing product samples for customers to try is now seeking international franchisees.

The store consist of an exhibition area, where a range of products from sports drinks to the latest mini laptop await the attention of customers. Visitors can browse here or move into the “Salon” area and relax in a modern café-like setting. The “Powder Room” area is a more private area in which to primp and preen with the latest cosmetics and facial care products

Sample Lab offers a membership for JP 300 in registration and JP 1000 in annual membership fee. The shop offers evertyhing from moisturizers to exercise equipment and members can try out anything they want while in the shop and also take home up to 5 items per visit. The only catch is that visitors must fill out surveys about the products they've tested.o