Saturday, June 11, 2011

Innovate Or Die

A few questions to think about...

Channel Innovation
Which sales channels will give us our future profits?
Which parts of the market is growing / decreasing?
What types of distribution channels competing / complementary?
How do our existing sales channels cover the different market segments?
Which are the most expensive parts of the distribution chain and can they be questioned?
Do we need more sales channels, or concepts in our toolbox?
Brand Innovation
What is our offer positioned relative to competing / complementary brands?
What is our brand arena, is there is an opportunity to move our offering to other categories / segments?
growth in existing markets, imply that our current users will feel comfortable, or are we risking to degenerate into a commodity?
Have we used all possibilities sensory stimuli such as vision, sound, smell, taste and touch to our brand?
Concept Innovation
Do we have a unique brand platform to stand on?
What are the existing rules of the market and how can we challenge them?
What expenses can be questioned?
What needs are not taken care of?
In what situations we meet the market? In the meantime, in life, going to?
What new offerings, are consumers asking for?

Relationship Innovation Supplier-Retailer
What interests / markets / enemies are common?
What are the common strategic issues there?
How can the management from each company on an ongoing basis meet to discuss long-term joint problems?
How can a common agenda to discuss costs and processes throughout the common value chain be created?o