Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guiltless Gluttony: The Asymmetric Effect of Size Labels on Size Perceptions and Consumption

In a coming article in Journal of Consumer Research Nİlüfer Z. Aydinoğlu and 
Aradhna Krishna report on their research:

"Size labels adopted by food vendors can have a major impact on size judgments and consumption. In forming size judgments, consumers integrate the actual size information from the stimuli with the semantic cue from the size label. Size labels influence not only size perception and actual consumption, they also affect perceived consumption. Size labels can also result in relative perceived size reversals, so that consumers deem a smaller package to be bigger than a larger one. Further, consumers are more likely to believe a label that professes an item to be smaller (vs. larger) in the size range associated with that item. This asymmetric effect of size labels can result in larger consumption without the consumer even being aware of it (“guiltless gluttony”)."o