Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PointRoll Study Proves that Ad Sequencing Enhances Interaction and Drives Lift

PointRoll conducted a study that evaluated and compared a selection of campaigns from advertisers that served both sequenced and non-sequenced campaigns. Through ad sequencing, advertisers can actively and frequently engage users on a one-to-one basis by developing an ad sequence based on a user’s previous exposure or engagement with ads. The study found that by using sequencing, advertisers are able to better engage their audiences and facilitate them through the purchase funnel. Study results show:
• Higher Interaction Rate- PointRoll determined that the average interaction rate from campaigns that used sequencing was 48.7 percent higher than the interaction rate from non-sequencing campaigns.
• Higher Time Spent- The average time spent interacting with the ad or brand time from campaigns using sequencing was 56.3 percent higher than non-sequenced campaigns.
• Higher Click-Through Rate- The lift for the average click-through rate for sequenced campaigns was substantial at 42.9 percent.
Many of the world’s best digital marketers have tapped into the power of sequencing in their advertising campaigns to build and maintain conversations with their customers and prospects. Because ad sequencing allows advertisers to deliver a series of ad units and creative messages to a user within a single campaign, it promotes a much more personalized connection. As a result, advertisers achieve greater ROI while reducing creative burnout and message frequency challenges.
Sequenced ads are shown to users in a certain order based on time and date, impressions, and/or interactions with the ads. The advertiser specifies what messages, offers and opportunities a user should see and how often – up to twenty in a series – based on the users’ activity or other events. Types of sequenced ad campaigns include:
• Impression-based Sequencing– tailoring the sequencing using impression levels;
• Timeline-based Sequencing – tailoring the sequencing based on specific dates or
• Event-based Sequencing- The lift for the average click-through rate for sequenced
campaigns was substantial at 42.9 percent tailoring the sequencing using trackable events, such as engagement with any interactive feature or functionality within an ad unit.

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