Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best Buy to compete with eBay

American Home Electronics gigant, Best Buy is going for the consumer-to-consumer market, by offering customers to trade their used DVDs and other home electronics. Best But made an acquisition of DealTree in 2008 in which Cow Boom was a part, and it is this company that Best Buy is going to use, in order to provide the service.

Larissa Hall, general manager of Best Buy says:“The product now doesn’t disappear from your mind after it’s sold. It actually just begins a different lifecycle. Why let eBay have all the fun? You don’t throw away a car when you’re done with it. Even a broken DVD player is worth something.”

With more than 4,000 Best Buy stores globally (about 1,200 in the U.S.) the likelyhood of having a Best Buy close i relatively high for a U.S resident. Walking into a store and having your good inspected and evaluated, and beeing given an on-the-spot offer, could be an appealing way to get your old junk sold, compared to packing, shipping and handling payment issues in a normal C2C-seller/buyer relationship.

CRM could then be used to track potential buyers.

Best Buy is thereby going for yet another market. Magnolia is the home entertainment specialist, Geek Squad the troubleshooter with their Geekmobiles, alltogether making Best Buy a truly innovative player in the retail arena.o