Friday, March 19, 2010

Luxury after the recession

Luxury has always been associated with high prices. But who is to define what luxury really is? Several signs suggests that the post-recession definition of luxury isn´t necessary the premium goods but a much more individualized perspective on the subject.

Scott McClasson of Woodsport business is one of entrepreneurs trying to define it otherways, according to Startribune.

This perspective has been discussed on Trend Watching that labels this phenomenon (F)luxury: "Anything commissioned? Providing 'access'? Secrets? Stories? Time with one's loved ones? Time for oneself? All things local? Peace and quiet, if not escape? Eco-friendly? Human-friendly? Animal-friendly? Caring? Empathy? Perks? Craft? Friends? Having a larger-than-life perspective? Households of six or more? An audience? Eccentricity? Appointment-only? Relevant information? Extreme personalization? Not having or wanting to consume? Being opinionated? Anything premium? Fuck-you money? Curation if not the absence of any kind of choice? Philanthropy? Bespoke goods and services? Knowledge? Skills? Frugality? Health? Etiquette & manners? Or a mix of any of these?"

Are your own definition the same as before the crisis of 2008-2010?o