Sunday, March 21, 2010

Even more trends of 2010

The trends covered in this report from Richard Watson are the following:

1. The global financial system will not collapse any time soon
2. Shifts in consumer behaviour will turn out to be temporary and superficial
3. The global economy is about to return to its default growth setting
4. A fault line will open up between developed and developing economies
5. Economies will run on a two-speed setting dependent on geography and sector
6. We have not addressed any of the fundamental causes of the GFC
7. There will eventually be another global crash and this time it will be a humdinger
8. There will be a growing sense of anger in developed countries
9. Food inflation will return and it will cause trouble in some countries
10. The middle classes in the US and Europe are about to get squeezed

Intriguing huh!? The complete report can be downloaded here.

Another great resource from the same author is the Trends and Technology Timeline.o