Monday, March 8, 2010

Everything you always wanted to know about range presentation, but were to a afraid to ask.

Range presentation is a crucial tool of visual communication and often a missing piece in the communication strategy. The visual experience and interaction with the product is the brand come true in a very practical way.

Range presentation can be used to solve the following tasks:

1. Create interest, engage and inspire the visitors
2. Induce impulse sales
3. Support mechanical or personal sales
4. Project the relevant brand values
5. Lay the foundation for future sales
6. Bring knowledge and advice
7. Create the impression of an innovative store
8. Help customers in choosing the right product

Needless to say, this does not happen by accident, but through careful analysis, positioning decisions and hard work.

Visual communication means getting involved in very basic functions of the brain, often below the concious level, for exampel by using lightning to steer the attention to lightened areas, thereby bypassing any logical filter. The interpretation of the store´s brand promise goes beyond reason when using visual communication at it´s best.

Example of messages to project through range presentation is listed below:

"There are a lot of options here" - an open store layout gives an overview of the range an the offerings and makes it possible to digest a major part of the range in a single eyeglance. The more the customer is able to watch at once the wider will the range seem. The experienced width of the range is easily increased by 25% by means of correct merchandising, thereby easing purchasing and inventory management, keeping down costs.

"There are a lot of offers here" - large merchandise density implies a low price image.

"There is a range that fits together here, I get a coordinated offer" - Well selected and coordinated products, shown together in a way that invite the customer to pick a whole bunch of products that fits.

"They really seem to have the latest in my favourite category" - New products on display early and frequently all around in the store.

"This store really communicates expertise" - the customers should be shown a well structured assortment with an idea for whom/what the different items are targeted to. Structure in merchandising also helps building an expert image.

"This store is for the whole family" - everything is children safe and if needed, parents can change diapers or have a snack without having to end the shopping tour.

"This store sells products with high quality" - selected products are shown as jewelry on display and with information about the quality features. The lesser the merchandise density, the more quality appeal.

"This store helps me to find what I need" - Top 10-lists and displays of top sellers/most wanted products making buying decisions easy. Logical navigation is a must.

Branding, out of store communication, concept development must be done in coordination with range presentation in order to bring the brand alive.o