Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Branding, bullshit included

"The organizational changes we are making will help us streamline a culture of market-altering customer focus." This and more corporate bullshit could be produced by a mouseclick at the Bullshit Generator.

Agency bullshit sometimes sounds the same. Campbell uses two years of research how to redesign the packaging by, among another things, using a "team clipped small video cameras to the testers at eye level and had them later watch tape of themselves shopping for soup. Special vests captured skin-moisture levels, heart rate, depth and pace of breathing, and posture. Sensors tracked eye movements and pupil width." The result of this neuro-marketing study conducted by Innerscope Research Inc, then led to the new labeling and package design. The result of this study led to the conclusion that steam was emotional, while spoon was not.

Another wellknown reference to agency bullshit is the Pepsi story covered in Gawker wrote about the new Pepsi logo a year ago implying that all agencies sometimes have to make up evidence in order to sell their ideas. The Pepsi document takes this to a new level.

The pseudo science angle will not help the ad agency industry in the long run unless the results of campaign will continue to deteriorate. On the contrary, until agencies stop behaving like communication and branding is rocket science, people like Dave Knockles in the I am the client have a point in their polemic writings about the relevance of agency set up and movies like this will continue to roam cyberspace: