Saturday, February 20, 2010

How tailored is the brand to the problem it is set to solve?

Innovation starts with a perceived problem or shortcoming of any existing product, or by presenting a solution for a problem not yet solved or even one that the consumer did not know he or she had. Consumer oriented product and package develop-ment starts by analysing the different situations and reasons for buying from a certain category or a specific brand.

Whether these situations are situations defined as a certain time during the day or during ones life, or if the buying is triggered or influenced by certain values or feelings gives endless possibilities for innovation and consumer oriented development, that goes hand in hand with the retailers strive to be at hand in those situations.

Package/product/brand/service development could include, but are not limited to the following:

-Focus on the buying situation

Is the buyer alone or together with children, family or friends?
Is he or she on the way to or from work, walking or travelling in a car or public transportation?
Is time a factor?

-Focus on buying/storage problems

This includes easy-to-carry multi-packs (with a built in handle) which also may serve as a serving container at a party.
It could also mean packages that make storage in fridges easier.

-Focus on the moment of consumption

In which environment does the consuption take place?
In the livingroom, car or during a picnic?
By oneself, during a childrens birthday party or a football on TV?

How does this affect brand personality, package, communication?

-Focus on the mood of customers

Is the consumtion meant as a "mind changer" ie to make the consumer more awake, relax, rewind or consumed in order to reward oneself?

-Focus on the needs of large target audiences with a common taste or values.

The question of healthy life style is a major issue throughout the world. How can people feel more healthy? Is ecology an issue?o