Sunday, February 14, 2010

"The world does not need another Vodka...

...introducing another Vodka". Swedish GeVe Spirits has been producing the Ginseng Vodka for some years now, in a bottle designed by Lars Hall. Winning the Gold Medal for Best Design and Packaging in Vodka Masters in London in 2008 and Platium in the flavoured Vodka category in SIP, LA just before Christmas, it has been standing out as a truly innovative product despite the fact that, as GeVe Spirits themselves say on their web, the world does not need another Vodka.

GeVe Spirits followes up the success by launching the premium Smooth Vodka, an ecological product and internationally recognized by Gold Medal in Vodka Masters in 2008, Gold Medal in Cannes 2009 and Double Platinum and Gold in SIP Awards in LA in November 2009.

Of course expectations are sky high for the new Mystical Red berry vodka with tones of pommgrenate and raspberry,

This clearly indicates that the innovations in the vodka category is far from over. Read more here.