Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's buying what?

You are what you buy. This has been the mantra for the last decade, when lots of consumers have been defining what they are by what they buy, no matter if it is in the premium segment or from Wal-Mart. The term smartbuy became a lable for products with a high quality and a lower price than the market leader of the category, and as the discount operators like Target have invested even more design into their products this gap have widened.

Spending as a definition of oneself has no taken a new turn into social media.

While social media growth have been focused around around Twitter and Facebook, as the mainstream mass social media, nisches of this industry is constantly growing as well. is a newcomer enabling consumers to share their new things with friends and allow them to be commented on. Of course an Iphone applications allows the user to update the on line profile while in the store.o