Friday, February 26, 2010

More on 2010

A little reading for the weekend:

1. Trend briefing from David Stutts

2. 2010 Trends by the What´s next:Top Trends

3. Conflict are now a normal part of life even for coutries and people the Western World. The Brittish Ministry of Defence has put toghether a report on the subject and its probable evolvement up until 2029.

The Ministry of Defence says: "The Future Character of Conflict found that the global trends indicate increasing instability and growing opportunity for confrontation and conflict. State failure, extremists, increased competition for resources and the changing global balance of power will dictate why, where and how we engage in conflict. The study concludes that the character of conflict will continue to evolve. Though it is impossible to accurately predict the exact character of the future conflict, in many of our future operations we are likely to face a range of simultaneous threats and adversaries in an anarchic and extended operating area."

The report can be downloaded here.o