Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby carrot junk food

The goal: To sell baby carrots. The solution: To make them look like junk food.

Chances are that baby carrots never will be considered cool. But in the one billion dollar market of baby carrots, you have to be bold if you are going to take on the eighteen billion dollar salty snack machine. And this is how they are planning to do it according to USA Today:

- Packaging in Doritos-like bags.
- Sold out of cool school vending machines.
- Sporting slogans like this on billboards and packs: "The original orange doodles."
- Touting seasonal tie-ins. Coming this Halloween: scarrots.
- Offering a phone app powered by the sound of folks munching carrots in real time.
- Airing TV spots that tout baby carrots as extreme, futuristic snacks.

And the spots are just ready to go on air: