Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A.K. Pradeep, the CEO of research whose book “The Buying Brain” has just become available for purchase. Obviously he is trying to reach new target groups with this video...

Welcome to my world, young cobras
You now in tune with Dr. Neurofocus
I was born with the power to read,
Your brain activity (Im a G)
Neuroscience is the study of the brain,
How its structured, the whole shebang
This is how it works, yer brains a series of complex networks
Some form Gs, some form jerks
Mine formed perfect (thats my word)
100 Billion brain cells, chillin in your head
They be chillin in your head
And how they connect, a network is set
These activate when stimulus is met
(Stimuli !!!)
So fly, I ..
Swoop in with sensors to feel on their vibes
My technology is called EEG
Electro enceph allography
And each of those sensors, do more work than
1 Million benchpressers
Now your brainwaves I measure
(At what Rate?)
2000 times a second !
Yeah, I know .. quite impressive
But please stay tuned, theres still more lesson.

Lemme listen to your brain
Lemme tune into your brain
Lemme pick up on your brain
Ima listen to your brain

Verse 2, Howdoyoudo ?
I bet youre wonderin how I make my loot ?
I bet you question how I can push this coupe ?
How I rock fly suits and wear Versace boots ?
Welllll come closer for a listen,
Sit Down
Turn on your television ..
You see that car ? See that brand ?
You see the package that shes holding in her hand ?
Zamn ! Your p300s off the charts !
Welcome to the world of the NeuroMarket.
We measure NeuroMetrics,
This aint gym class or stupid pet tricks!
I can see, when emotions are engaged
I can see, the attention that you paid
I can see, whats stored in your memo-rays
Dont worry, they cant see,
Its between you and me (wink)
I measure in the sub-conscious,
To hear what yer thinking,
Dude, that knowledge is righteous
Im not like them other guys ..
Who behind mirrors while yer under lights.
They only ask questions.
I gain insight, in every session.
Like purchase intent,
The novelty found and awareness thats kept.
We measure the Full BRAIN !
This aint Bio-metrics, or
Head bands, mayne !
Cuz the brain drives the body,
In my case a Caddy, a Porsche and an Audi.
Need Market research then call me,
ERP your TCE and Priming.
Dr. NeuroFocus, I always POP OUT !
So relax your cortex and step in my house.

Lemme listen to your brain
Lemme tune into your brain
Lemme pick up on your brain
Ima listen to your brain